In 2001, I decided I wanted to have a career I loved. I surfed the web and came across The Southern Institute of Pet Grooming, owned by Debbie Beckwith. I contacted Debbie and got all the info on starting down this new path. After being at the school I started noticing the dogs around me. I met a little whippet named Snickers also owned by Debbie. The more I was around Snickers, I realized this was the breed for me. I mentioned to Debbie I was interested in owning a whippet, and wanted to know how I could get one. So Debbie contacted her good friend Donna Richards of TnT Kennels. It just so happened that Donna had a whippet available, an older adult. Bob was Snickers littermate. I just fell in love when I saw him, he was just so handsome. Well at the place we met was a lure coursing practice. This was a whole new world for me. Donna mentioned to be that I would be the one releasing Bob in the practice. From that point on I have been hooked on lure coursing, and whippets of course. We want to thank Debbie Beckwith for introducing us to Donna, Larry and Bob. TnT Kennels have been our mentors from day one. We have learned so much from them, and we are forever greatful. We now have 7 whippets in our lives, and a token greyhound. We are loving every minute of it. Thank You to everyone involved.